Sambal 2.0 Registration (संबल 2.0), Benefits, Status Check at

Sambal 2.0 is a public welfare scheme under the Labor Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, which provides financial assistance to unorganized workers in the state. Hence the scheme is called Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Yojana. Interested applicants can participate in the registration of this scheme by visiting the portal at

The scheme includes some significant aspects like creating enthusiasm for education, providing scholarships in education, providing health insurance and free healthcare. As the role of Mukhamantri Jankalyan Yojana is immense in ensuring social security for unorganized workers.

So today we will discuss the registration, apply, benefits and status check process.

Sambal 2.0 Portal Registration At

Sambal 2.0 Registration

To complete the registration process of Mukhyamantri Jankalyan Yojana, applicants must first visit the official portal. The beneficiary will get Sambal 2.0 card through this scheme.

SchemeSambal 2.0/ संबल 2.0 (मुख्‍यमंत्री जनकल्याण संबल योजना)
AuthorityMadhya Pradesh Government
DepartmentLabour Department
BenefitsFinancial assistance on education, health, Insurance, agriculture, electricity bill
AmountRs 5000 to Rs 2 lakh
Payment ModeDirect Benefits Transfer
Beneficiaryunorganized workers of Madhya pradesh
Total Registration16179611

Through this sambal 2.0 scheme the beneficiaries will get various financial support in various fields like education, health, agriculture, electricity bill. So its important to check the registration process. The registration process is as follows

  1. Visit the official portal at
  2. Select Apply for Registration
  3. Enter Samagra ID Number, Family ID Number, Solve the captcha and search Samagra.
  4. Now many applicants may see the message e-KYC Not Completed If you see, first you have to complete e-KYC in portal. If the e-KYC is complete, the message of success will be displayed and the applicant will have to proceed to the next step
  5. Now applicants will be able to see their own information such as Aadhaar ID Number, Samagra ID Number, Applicant Name, Father Name, Mother Name, Address, District, Gram Panchayat, Pin Code, Applicant Photo etc.
  6. At the next step, the applicant will be given other details such as the type of applicant i.e. whether he is an unorganized worker or a worker belonging to any other category, his qualification, applicant’s associated business category selection, whatsapp number for scheme updates, taxpayer details, Whether the applicant has more than one hectare of agricultural land or the applicant is a government employee. These information should be given by the applicant.
  7. Then the applicant has to check the details of other family members associated with his Samagra ID. Then check the terms and select the checkboxes. Only then the option to save the application will be enabled and by selecting it the registration will be done successfully.

After successful registration process, an application number and user ID will be generated and the applicant’s registration form will be sent to the local body. The applicant’s application number and user ID should be noted for further action.

Sambal 2.0 Beneficiary Status check Process

  • Visit official portal
  • Navigate to application status.
  • Select scheme Application Status.
  • Enter your Samagra ID, Application Number, and Search.
  • Now the applicant can see all the details of his application like his name, family ID, father’s name, date of birth, address, mobile number, Aadhaar number, business category of the applicant etc. Also, the applicant can see Survey Date, Assigned Date, Actioned Date, Local Body, Inquiry Officer Name and Current Status of the application

Verification Process

When an applicant completes the registration process in the portal, after final submission the application goes to the local body. Then a Survey Date, Assign Date and an Inquiry Officer are appointed to verify the applicant’s documents. If all the applicant’s documents are successfully verified, the application is approved for that applicant. And the applicant gets the card at his address.


One of the main objectives of this scheme is to increase the interest of children in education and to provide scholarship in the field of education. Also, health insurance, waiver of electricity bill up to a certain limit, provision of better quality equipment to farmers in agriculture, free health care support are provided through this scheme.


What is the Sambal 2.0 registration portal?

The registration portal is

Who are the beneficiary of this scheme?

Unorganized workers of Madhya pradesh are the beneficiary

What are the benefits of the scheme?

Financial assistance on education, health care assistance, Insurance assistance, modern equipment to farmers in agriculture, Waiver of electricity bill etc

What is the payment mode of this scheme?

Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT mode.

What are the benefits of Sambal 2.0 scheme?

Insurance, Financial assistance on education, health, modern equipment for agriculture assistance, electricity bill

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