APAAR ID Login, Registration, One nation One Student ID Card Apply, Benefits in 2024

APAAR id is a unique initiative of the Ministry of Education, Government of India based on the concept of One Nation One Student ID Card and which will take the Digital India mindset a step further. APAAR means Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry. For registration of One Nation One Student ID Card students can complete the registration process and apply process for APAAR ID @ apaar.education.gov.in. It should be noted that APAAR ID card is applicable only for students and start from preprimary level to higher education. Students can digitally store all the information about the achievements and certificates of studies up to higher education on this APAAR ID card. This initiative was taken under 2020 National Education Policy. APAAR ID Students registration can be done @ https://apaar.education.gov.in.

The significance of APAAR is that students from preprimary level to higher education no longer need to physically carry any academic certificate or any achievement certificate. They can store their academic records digitally through a unique card based on One Nation One Student Card ID scheme. For that reason registration and login is required to get that unique Identity Card.


APAAR ID Login, Registration, One nation One Student ID Card Apply, Benefits

APAAR means Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry Which is a 12 digit unique ID card for students and through which students can carry their academic progress from preprimary to higher education in digital form through a unique ID card. The One Nation One Student ID card stores student’s name, father’s name, date of birth, academic details, scholarship details, awards, sports or training certificates etc. All these information will be stored in one student ID card. Students do not need to carry a separate certificate or mark sheet or any awarded certificate for each of their academic progress. One unique APAAR ID can bring all the academic details of any student. Students can easily complete registration process and login @ apaar.education.gov.in. But it is good to remember that nad.gov.in plays an important role with academic bank of credits in the one nation one student ID card scheme.

APAAR ID One nation One Student ID Card Overview

Scheme nameAPAAR
ConceptOne nation One Student ID Card
AuthorityMinistry of Education and Government of India
BenefitsOne unique student ID card stores academic details
APAAR Full FormAutomated Permanent Academic Account Registry
ID created2.38 Cr
Registration modeOnline

Hope you got an idea from the overview of the One Nation One Student ID Card.

APAAR ID Registration Online @ apaar.education.gov.in

To create APAAR ID we have to visit official website @ apaar.education.gov.in for the APAAR ID registration. For account registration @ apaar.education.gov.in we need to create an account in DigiLocker first. So we can say that APAAR acts as a gateway to Digilocker. So first of all we have to create account in Digilocker. The process is as follows

  • Visit the above mentioned portal (apaar.education.gov.in)
  • Click on Create your Apaar
  • If you don’t have provisional APAAR number then click on create New
  • Enter student’s Aadhaar number
  • Provide the otp which received in your aadhaar registered phone number
  • Now select new user sign up
  • Enter mobile number and generate OTP
  • Enter Full name, user name, pin, confirm pin and verify
  • After that you have to do Aadhaar authentication
  • Enter academic details
  • Submit the filled up form
  • Note the user name and pin for future log in purpose


The process of APAAR ID login is very simple. After we complete the registration process, we can login to the portal anytime. In this case, it should be remembered that the mobile number, user name or the documents and PIN that we registered with during registration, all those credentials will be valid for login. Lets check the process of login.

  • Visit apaar.education.gov.in
  • Click on Create Your APAAR
  • Enter 12 Digit provisional APAAR ID number
  • Finally click on Submit.

APAAR ID Benefits

Actually all academic data of any student will be stored in their unique APAAR ID card. Here is a list of benefits you can get. Lets check the benefits

  • All types of academic qualifications will be stored in this APAAR ID card.
  • Academic results, marksheets will be stored in this card.
  • Any certificates related to sports will also be stored in this card.
  • If a student get any awards then it will also be stored.
  • Besides, if the students have received any scholarship, its details will be in the APAAR card
  • Not only this, there will be a credit score in the card which will play an important role in applying for jobs in the future.
  • If students transfer from one school to another, this card will also helpful in that situation.

So we can say the One Nation One Student ID Card has a lot of benefits.

Useful APAAR ID Portals

Registration Portalapaar.education.gov.in
Digilocker portaldigilocker.gov.in
Our WebsiteDietmunger


What is the full form of APAAR ID?

Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry

What will be stored in an APAAR ID?

Student name, date of birth, Academic qualification, results, marksheets, awards, transfer certificate, credit score

What is the official APAAR ID website?

https://apaar.education.gov.in is the official website

How to do APAAR ID login?

First visit apaar.education.gov.in. Click on create APAAR. Provide 12 digit provisional APAAR ID number and submit.

What is the benefits of APAAR ID?

All academic data of any individual student will be stored in their unique 12 digit APAAR ID card.

What is the meaning of APAAR ID?


What is the aim of APAAR ID?

The aim is One nation one student ID card

Which portal is mandatory for APAAR ID login?

Digilocker portal (digilocker.gov.in) is mandatory for login.

What is the registration mode of APAAR ID?

The registration mode is online.

What is the Digilocker portal address?

The Digilocker portal address is digilocker.gov.in

What login credentials are required?

Registered mobile number and pin or User name and pin or ID is required.

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