West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa 2024 (k1, k2, k3 Scheme), Status Check, amount

The West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojana 2024 is an extraordinary initiative of the West Bengal government. Through this initiative, girls from financially weak families will come under this scheme and get financial help from the government for their studies. But in this case, the girls must be unmarried. From here we can clearly understand that through the Kanyashree Prakalpa, the West Bengal government has actually thought of making girls self-reliant in education. And through the Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme, the government wants to take forward the education system of girls and girls will receive through Kanyashree Prakalpa k1 from age 13 to 18 Rs 1000 yearly, Kanyashree Prakalpa k2 from age 18 to 19 will receive Rs 25000 one time, Kanyashree Prakalpa k3 from age above 19 will receive Rs 2500 for Science and Rs 2000 for arts monthly as a financial help.

Because earlier it used to be that girls would get married before the age of 18, awareness towards education was also very less, and in that situation, it was not possible for girls to study if they belong to economically weaker families. To avoid these problems and so that girls can become self-reliant and increase their interest in education, the government is keeping this Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme in mind. The Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme has brought Keeping in mind that financially weak families find it impossible to afford the education of their girls, the government has come up with the Kanyashree scheme so that girls are also interested and motivated in education.

Thus why I’m going to explain the Scheme in detail with the k1, k2, and k3 scheme structure and also how to track the status of the Kanyashree Prakalpa application and the Kanyashree Prakalpa scholarship amount.

Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojna 2024

West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa

The Kanyashree Prakalpa was started on the year 2013’s 8th of March by the West Bengal Government and the awareness program started on the 14th of August 2013. Through this Kanyashree Prakalpa Scholarship girls belonging to economically weaker families aged 13 to 18 years will fall under the K1 category and they will get financial help. Not only this, all the girls who are above 18 years of age belonging to economically weaker families (Income below Rs. 1,20,000 per year), and want to further their education will fall under the K2 category.

Not only this, the Kanyashree Prakalpa is playing a unique role in sustaining girls’ interest in education. Apart from this, the Kanyashree Prakalpa is very important in making girls socially, economically, and morally self-reliant. Through this Kanyashree Prakalpa Scholarship, girls will get financial support and through that help, they can progress toward higher education, increase their self-confidence considerably and improve their psychological capacity.

Kanyashree Prakalpa Overview

Prakalpa nameKanyashree Prakalpa (কন্যাশ্রী প্রকল্প)
Prakalpa typeScheme
Introduced byGovernment of West Bengal
Introduced date8th March 2013
Scheme typeConditional Cash Transfer (CCT)
EligibilityGirls belong to economically weaker families
Income CriteriaBelow Rs. 1,20,000 per year
Amount detailsRs 1000 per year for k1 (Age 13 to 18),
Rs 25,000(One time) for k2 (Age 18 to19),
Rs 2500 for k3 (Science)/month (Age above 19)
Rs 2000 for k3 (Arts, commerce)/month (Age above 19)
Mobile Application nameKanyashree 2.0

Kanyashree Prakalpa k1, k2, k3 details and k1, k2, k3 amount

The Kanyashree Prakalpa is divided into three phases whose first layer contains K1, the second layer contains K2 and the third layer contains K3.

Kanyashree k1 details and Kanyashree k1 amount

Girls should be between 13 to 18 years of age to avail Kanyashree k1 Scheme Scholarship. That is, if any girl is studying in class 8, she will come under this scheme But it should be remembered that the annual income of the girl’s family should be less than Rs 120000. For Kanyashree Prakalpa k1, you have to collect the K1 form from your institute.

Kanyashree k1 amount details

So after the Kanyashree Prakalpa k1 Scholarship is approved, will receive Rs 1000 annually in their bank account.

Kanyashree k2 details and Kanyashree k2 amount

Next comes Kanyashree’s scholarship program K2 through which girls in the age group of 18 and 19 years will be covered under this program But it should be remembered again that the annual income of the girl’s family should be less than Rs 120000. For Kanyashree Prakalpa k2, you have to collect the K2 form from your institute.

Kanyashree k2 amount details

After the Kanyashree Prakalpa k2 is approved student will get a one-time Rs 25000.

Kanyashree k3 details and Kanyashree k3 amount

Next comes the Kanyashree k3 scholarship program, in this case, all the girls who will pursue higher studies i.e. post-graduate studies, all those girls will get financial assistance for their studies through Kanyashree Prakalpa k3. For Kanyashree Prakalpa k3, you have to update your details on svmcm.wbhed.gov.in portal via k2 id details.

Kanyashree k3 amount details

Through k3 If girls are studying post-graduate in the science department, they will get Rs 2500 per month and if they are students of the art department, then, they will get 2000 rupees per month.

Scheme nameFormAgeKanyashree Prakalpa AmountDuration
Kanyashree Prakalpa k1K113 to 18Rs 1000Yearly
Kanyashree Prakalpa k2K218 to19Rs 25000One time
Kanyashree Prakalpa k3K3above 19Rs 2500 for Science
Rs 2000 for arts

Eligibility of Kanyashree Prakalpa k1, k2, k3

There are certain eligibility criteria for the Kanyashree Prakalpa k1, k2, and k3 which students should follow properly because when someone applies for any k1,k2, or k3 scheme they must keep these aspects in mind.

  • Resident: The student must be a resident of West Bengal
  • Family income: The annual income of any girl’s family should be less than Rs 120000.
  • Unmarried: A girl must be unmarried.
  • Regular student: A girl must be a regular student of a government school or government-recognized school or institute.
  • Age: For k1 age should be between 13-18 years, for k2 age should be between 18-19 years, and after 19 years old if a girl wants to complete further studies like post-graduation then k3.
  • Bank Account: A girl needs to open a bank account with her own name and the name should match their applied Kanyashree Prakalpa application name.

How to apply for Kanyashree Prakalpa

There are several steps you have to follow for applying to Kanyashree Prakalpa.

  • Collect Kanyashree Prakalpa Form: You have to collect Kanyashree Prakalpa Form ‘K1‘ from the institute where you’re studying. The K1 form is an annual scholarship form.
  • Open a bank account: You have to open a bank account with your name but remember your name should match the same as Prakalpa’s applied name. That means the name should be the same everywhere.
  • Form fill-up: You can fill out the application form or you can take the help of your parents as well as your teacher. You have to put all the details correctly with your name and signature on 3 pages of your application form.
  • Submit: Now you have to submit the complete form with the necessary documents to your institute and you will get an acknowledgment slip.
    • Required documents are
      • Birth certificate
      • Aadhaar card
      • Your phone number for sms
      • Statement of unmarried
      • Statement of income certificate
      • Bank passbook’s first-page copy
      • Your passport-size photo
      • Recent class or education proof
  • Acknowledgment number: Remember the acknowledgment slip should be filled in by the institute where you’re studying. You’ll get the Kanyashree Prakalpa slip and you have to store it at your suitable place. You can also write the acknowledgment number with details at your favorite places like diaries or you can photocopy your acknowledgment slip for next-time tracking purposes.

How to Check the Status Of Kanyashree Prakalpa?

The process of checking Kanyashree Prakalpa’s status is very easy if you follow the below steps. As previously I told you about the acknowledgment slip. Now it’s required to check your Kanyashree Prakalpa status.

Check Status Of Kanyashree Prakalpa
  1. You have to visit wbkanyashree.gov.in
  2. On the wbkanyashree.gov.in site’s upper section, you will find Track an application
  3. Click on that
  4. Submit your details like Year, Type of scheme, Application id, Date-of-Birth, and finally, the captcha then submit.
  5. Once you submitted correctly, you will see your current application status

Kanyashree id number search by date of birth/name

To find the id number through the date of birth is not a very hard task. You have to follow some steps to get your Kanyashree id number if you forgot it.

  • Visit https://www.wbkanyashree.gov.in/
  • See the upper side of the site and you’ll see Track an application
  • Select Track an application
  • A new page will open
  • Here you can see the list of required details like year, type of scheme, application id, and date of birth
  • Now you’ll see the Don’t know your Applicant ID option below the application id box.
  • Select that option Don’t know your Applicant ID
  • Now a new page will also open
  • Here you have to fill in all the required details like year, district, institute, block, type of scheme, date of birth, form serial number, and solve the captcha to get the Kanyashree application id
  • This way you can get your Kanyashree application id
  • You can also get your Kanyashree id details by checking your mail inbox.
Fill forms and check Status Of Kanyashree Prakalpa

So this way you can check your status of Kanyashree Prakalpa. For more details, you should visit the official site of Kanyashree Prakalpa

Kanyashree Prakalpa helpline contact details

Kanyashree Helpline number 033-23373846
Kanyashree Helpine’s email idsupport.kanyashree@nic.in

FAQ about Kanyashree Prakalpa

Kanyashree Prakalpa started in which year?

The Kanyashree Prakalpa was started on the year 2013’s 8th of March by the West Bengal Government and the awareness program started on the 14th of August 2013.

What is the official site?

The official site is wbkanyashree.gov.in

How to check Kanyashree Prakalpa’s online application status?

Visit the official site wbkanyashree.gov.in. Then click on Track application status. Submit your details and get your Kanyashree Prakalpa application status.

How to recover Kanyashree Prakalpa’s application ID?

If you forget the Kanyashree Prakalpa application id then you have to visit wbkanyashree.gov.in. Then click on application status. Here you’ll find a link “don’t know your application id”. Now click on that. A new page will open. Now submit the necessary details and get your application id.

kanyashree prakalpa starting date

8th March 2013

Do you need to submit your own bank account for?

Yes, you need a bank account with your name for the Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme.

Do you need to upload the income certificate of your family for the Kanyashree Prakalpa?


What are the benefits of Kanyashree Prakalpa?

Kanyashree Prakalpa k1 from age 13 to 18 will get Rs 1000 yearly
Kanyashree Prakalpa k2 from age 18 to 19 will get Rs 25000 one time
Kanyashree Prakalpa k3 from age above 19 will get Rs 2500 for Science and Rs 2000 for arts monthly
so these are the benefits

What type of scheme is Kanyashree?

Kanyashree is a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme.

What is the Helpine’s email id?


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